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Of a young communist confessional









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Come day after day, strong rainfall assault is southern, much ground big waterlogged serious.
This let me remember last year July.
So-called come 50 years the corresponding period is the strongest of the typhoon " Can grand " assault Zhejiang, become the influence Zhejiang is the most serious in July typhoon since new China is built, appeared coast of body of urban waterlogging, hill, farm is met with by the economic crop such as adj/LIT wide, fruiter a series of problems such as caustic, the situation of a disaster is very serious.
At that time, cadre of Party member of peaceful wave whole town cancels off, systemic heart attacks the foremost edge that fighting calamity to provide disaster relief. Publicize the communist of battlefront as, I opened to cry " we are in a gleam of " network topic, aroused beside all good friends are participated in jointly together, tell about in " defy a table " the good story of communist of a gleam of.
Among them, the member that have a Laodang makes me impressive.
He has attended to strike back to jumping over defend oneself battle, had stood result give undeserved compliment, it is to act according to turn city the Wu Yicheng of couplet village cadre that village of lasher of street bavin home as fortified building on the west. His body is bad, gallbladder still was excised 7 years ago, have a month again, be about to retire. so an old pal, face concentrated with each passing day storm, put forward actively " should be together with the villager, last stand still hillock! " he is taking two underwear and 6 medicine to rush to fight stage forefront, stood fast 3 days two night. A lot of villagers worry about his body to be overcome, let him go back rest, but he does not agree namely. The work that carries in him is writing on note: Cloth factory 2 the home, plastic plants factory of 1 the home, hardware 2 (worker) withdraw entirely; Low protect door, difficulty door, dangerous house door is transferred entirely (to) find a place for dot; Hoggery 2, big pig 70 head, piggy 130 safety; Transfer white Du Xiaoxue 20 people, seek refuge with relatives relies on friend 105 people...
During this southern strong rainfall, hubei saves in relief new county a female village cadre goes out after affection of flood of go on a tour of inspection, also did not come back again, and she just becomes preliminary Party member one day afore. Troops officers and soldiers fights bravely 60 hours continuously in a gleam of of rush to deal with an emergency of fight a flood, one " the communist follows me to go up " in making wind and rain most canorous assault date...
These stories, I am recorded carefully was in on small gain, regard study as example embalm.
As a communist, a my significant position is a network. It is besides 8 hours of jobs, I like to communicate with the netizen on the net, tell outstanding traditional culture to them, tell the youth's due culture self-confidence, share beside energy story... I feel this also is to going " network the mass line " .
As a communist, I am responsible accountability also these the story of energy transmits a netizen, should know these explode before disaster the communist that gives out breathtaking energy, they are good parents in the life, good children, they are the common people beside us. My exclaim the force at them, build before disaster removed a solid dikes and dams.
I still remember the news scene of front of rush to deal with an emergency of a fight a flood, suffer the cadre that visit indifferently say: "Because I am a communist. "Because I am a communist..
But the expression that is a kind of such one is assured and bold with justice, often can draw on a lot of strange sneer atting on the network. A few " the specialist that spit groove " meet the party is turned over surely, meet the government is scolded surely, had become those who be without reason " the condition is reflexed " . I not approve of such expressive means, distain manner of this kind of expression even. The acknowledge to the country should be to build what go up in well-meaning more rational basis. If each person of show off talking around fast, do not think cogent go solving a problem, na Zaijiang's big country can be flooded by saliva. With respect to this bit for, face disaster to develop the communist in front, it is a hero!
As a communist, understand very much in my heart, it is a Chinese Communist, taking the Chinese nation to realize ethical independence, let Chinese people stand. Do poineering work difficultly together with millions upon millions people 60 old, the 2nd old economy of world that makes the backward country construction of a poor the whole world fix eyes upon body, created another " Chinese miracle " .
All these, everybody cannot be denied.
Last year " 9.3 big parade " , 70 noisy gun salute resound through the sky, the officers and soldiers that protect a banner is orderly and strong footfall and come, in chorus of tens of thousands of person sings loudly full-court national anthem of People's Republic of China, 56 generals leader of a group is taking away parade phalanx to cross Tian An Men, appear in us before is increasingly powerful motherland. Old heroes of a lot of war of resistance against aggression, old soldier shed hot tear. They had experienced the history, of the motherland powerful they look in the eye, touch in the heart.
My parents looks direct seeding heel I say: So our country already so powerful. Be, have how much so everyday like my parents common people, in that great hour sighs with emotion myriad, burn with righteous indignation, it is clinking pride is mixed in the heart proud. New China holds water nearly 70 years, casual, however already great change of vicissitudes of life. To ordinary common people, in the life each days are being changed, and oneself are likely however muddy does not know like that. After a few years, suddenly turn one's head, just discover we had walked along 1000 hill 10 thousand water, experienced countless cross.
A few years ago, why did we ever think of, we can have the world's banner tall iron technology, a lot of domain takes science and technology in the world the most sophisticated range; We can be built give the first aircraft carrier, finish the big country of soldier of a few acting seas to dream; We can let 700 million person break away from poverty, make enormous contribution for human rights career of the mankind.
Xi Jinping's secretary-general says, we are lying latter-day since implementation of the Chinese nation is great revive the important hour of the target. In this history key period is mixed turning point, be sure to welcome tremendous historical opportunity, accompany and come, also have problem and challenge, and expose exposed society gradually each respect is contradictory. Face new issue and new challenge, the communist is it is difficult to greet and going up still is craven not before, it is to dare to take on mutual still shuffle, it is to be brave in sacrifice or be worldly wise and make oneself safe, I hope our answer and action, do not want disappoint the ablaze title of these 4 words: Communist.
Civil / Wu Jian (writer unit: Peaceful wave municipal Party committee publicizes a ministry)
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