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[study group] does be used to make the same score









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[study group is pressed]
Qian Yuquan's kink, it is the common feature of all corrupt case almost.
Study a group (small signal: Xuexixiaozu) before he discovering to be in nearly 30 years after combing the speaking content since Xi Jinping takes up a political career collusion of the painful business that approve an official, say next firm words, if become aware proper cadre is not economical and OK,resign, point out clearly: Government-owned trade union brings about bureaucratism necessarily.
7 words below, for " outside encircling inner lane " the person rings alarm bell noisy.
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Power money trades evildoing makes a person bristle with anger
Sell one's own things of mineral products resource, land, estate is open now, problem frequency sends the respect corruption such as management of funds of capital of project project, Hui Min, scientific research. Leader cadre has a hand in children of project project, relative to be in business do industry problem to highlight. Some places help deficient, experience farming, cure up to protect, low protect capital to dare be had an insatiable desire for dare move, and take these money to go buy over official, of masses " the money that maintain an order " became a cadre " the money that buy an officer " , develop the area does power money to trade through project project, impoverished area has an insatiable desire for the fund that supports deficient to relieve, evildoing makes a person bristle with anger! Investigate chasten strength to be increased even.
-- on June 26, 2014, standing committee of the Political Bureau of Xi Jinping centrally listens to the perambulatory job central to head a group two years the speech when first-run and perambulatory circumstance reports the perambulatory set central.
Some officials were become " the frog in Wen Shui "
Undeniable is, in development condition of socialist market economy falls, commutative principle can permeate commodity to come in living within the party necessarily, this is not move with the person's volition. Socially various temptation are twining Party member, cadre, ' Wen Shui boils frog ' the phenomenon can arise, a few people are imperceptible by family some treat sb with the way he has devised against others.
-- on May 9, 2014, be used to makes the same score Henan nearly province orchid takes an examination of a county,
"Official " " business " association should have
Present society, alluring and too much, the trap around influence is too much. Face the loaves and fishes of numerous and complicated, want those who accomplish gentleman to hand in weak like water, "Official " " business " association should have, xiang Jingru guest, and do not tick off a shoulder to take back, share everything, want the end with state-private and trenchant lay off. Official personnel and leader cadre, want to guard a bottom line. Like wanting to resemble giving family to read aloud Amitayus every day, read aloud the odd-jobman that we are people every day, the influence in your hand comes from people, stretch his hand to be caught surely. "Should have in the heart awe-stricken, what knowing is a high tension line, want not to want, touch jump namely, ability is defended so that live bottom line. Ability is defended so that live bottom line..
-- on March 8, 2013, xi Jinping attends National People's Congress of 12 whole nations when conference Jiangsu delegacy is discussed, say.
Domain of much to corruption hair should be strengthened be on guard
These year come, corrupt question happens time and again in section of job of a few economy, to this we should pay attention to exploration characteristic, seek the rule, cogent the cheap that strengthens corrupt much hair domain and significant position, crucial post politics the job, want to perfect a system further, aggrandizement is supervised, do work of anti-corruption initiate cheap more solidly hard effective.
-- on July 26, 2004, " river neologism " , " domain of much to corruption hair should be strengthened be on guard "
Power money trades method more concealment diversiform
Beat the ceaseless development of the fight as the ceaseless development of socialist market economy and anti-corruption, money of a few malpractice, power trades of the case commit the crime method more concealment, the form is more diversiform. " regulation " promulgate carry out, to investigate and deal with sb currently this kind of case offerred code policy basis, be helpful for promoting leader cadre the development that clean-fingered self-discipline works is begun, reflected the Party Central Committee to be cherished to the care of cadre of broad Party member.
-- on June 15, 2007, xi Jinping of secretary of municipal Party committee of Shanghai municipal Party committee allows to chair when " communicate study " discipline of Central Committee of Communist Party of China appoint a certain number of regulations of the convenience seek profiteering that uses officially about prohibiting strictly " spirit " the conference.
What the right uses is bad to can be polluted
The leader is holding power in cadre hand, influence is used so that can use dry major issue very much, profit for people; Use badly to can be infected with by sewage, sometimes imperceptible in can be immersed in " Wen Shui effect " in. Such lesson is very deep. Leader cadre always must hold sober head, always notice self-prossessed, self-communion, from alarm, from encourage, always note the figure of oneself, 1000 be an upright person completely completely, work dependably, accomplish truly for civilian, deal with concrete matters relating to work, clean-fingered. Leader cadre not only oneself want clean-fingered self-discipline, accept party organization and broad cadre masses actively supervise, and the responsibility that bears a party conduct Lian Zhengjian to set even, guidance pushs education, institution, supervise pay equal attention to punish and prevent corrupt system to build, form good general mood, cogent grab job of cheap of good anti-corruption initiate.
-- on January 24, 2007, " river neologism " , " want " a secretary in charge of sth " , more want " clean " "
Government-owned trade union brings about bureaucratism necessarily
Do not see be in business to if break,feel disappointed... if become aware proper cadre disagreement calculates, can resign go be in business do industrial, but must not want to want to get rich again when the official already, use expedience of seek of the influence in the hand even, government-owned trade union brings about bureaucratism necessarily.
-- acting 1980 evening, the go into business since foreland Cengxing is in business upsurge, peaceful heart official also has many people appetent for it. Xi Jinping admonishs when county of three-bristle cudrania flourish makes an on-the-spot investigation at that time the official does not read aloud with Qianwei when the official, want to be a foundation with ideal.
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